the Slipping Forecast

A 1942 postcard by Hergé, taken from the instagram of brilliant cultivators Le Jardin Robo.

The Slipping Forecast with Melissa McCarthy is a new radio series, broadcasting on Radiophrenia 87.9 FM, on 7th, 9th, 11th Feb 2022. There are three twenty-minute episodes of:

Slipping. Sliding. Circling. Skating. Falling. Gripping. Holding on.

Join me as I bring the storm warnings, the weather reports, the circumspection and the outlook. Taking in the Norse voyages to Greenland; Hitchcock’s Vertigo; the footballer Zidane and his vertigo, and more, the Slipping Forecast is every wave-lover’s vital guide to writing, listening, and literature.

This is a general synopsis. Variable becoming northwest, 2 to 4, becoming cyclonic later. Rockall, Malin, Hebrides.

Episode 1 is about slipping and ICE: using it, regarding it, watching it melt, refreeze and contract around you as you travel always westward of your west. And ritual: the idea of carrying out activities and reciting words though we no longer know what they mean. Womble, muck, and sneedball.

Episode 2, slipping and FALLING, and the difference between these two activities. Characters and writers who Axel-spiral round each other in California, just a trip away from sliding down to the ocean: Chandler’s Marlowe, Hitchcock’s Vertigo’s Scottie. Glissant’s “vertigo of language,” which links the real to the unseen, and the Duchess of Malfi’s endless yce-falling. Syldavia, Borduria, Castafiore.

Episode 3, slipping and not-slipping, STANDING STEADY: friction, on ships, metals, emotional states; sportspeople who are skilled at applying exactly the right amount of it. Roberto Carlos, D. Beckham, Zidane.

Radiophrenia is a semi-annual excellent thing: a temporary art radio station broadcasting from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow – a two-week long festival exploring current trends in sound and transmission arts.

And if you missed the broadcasts, they should be streamable here. Drop me a line if there’s a problem.