This is the water, this is the well

Transmission, global; transmission, local.
picture: David Boulogne

Anyone listening to Resonance 104.4 FM during Sept / Oct on Monday evenings at 6.15 (in 2019) would have heard my radio series, Melissa McCarthy’s View from a Shark. But it’s never too late: you can stream, all around from far away across the world, just by clicking on each mixcloud listen again device, below. 

Episode 1. TEETH, incorporating placoid scales; Captain Cook and his demise; iron weapons and other weapons; 14th Century poet John Gower; Odysseus and his family; the jaunty ditty Food Shark by Nina Katchadourian.

image: Sharks: an introduction for the amateur naturalist, Sanford A. Moss, 1984

Episode 2. The LIVER, with vitamin A; French whaling ships; soothsayers and dissection; existential despair; Plutarch; Groucho Marx.

cubist-looking schema of sails on a sailing, though not a whaling, ship

Episode 3. Sharks and KIDNEYS, with Lake Nicaragua; tintoreros; Brownian motion; moving house in Athens; Hildegard Kneff. 

from: Moss, Sharks: an introduction…, 1984

Episode 4. The WOMB, with: cannibalism; early photography; ultrasound; self-portraiture; pregnancy.

a Canicula Aristotelis, from Guillaume Rondelet’s 1555 Libri de piscibus

Episode 5. EYES: anthropologist Franz Boas; sharks at the cinema; parasitic copepods; Bikini Atoll; looking at the screen and at the page.

Eyeball, parabola, atom: it’s Erik Nitsche’s Atoms for Peace, 1955, MOMA