Peggy Lipton

Peggy Lipton, born 30 August 1946, died 11 May 2019, actor. Mother of the comparably-gorgeous Rashida Jones.

“He was a great kisser but that was about it,” said Lipton of her one-time boyfriend Elvis Presley.

I was watching Twin Peaks: the Return the other night on my computer, and the end credits rolled, as they do, listing the names of the actors who had appeared in that episode, that screened in 2017. But the episode contained flashbacks, and incorporated sequences that were filmed for inclusion in the original series, in 1990. So the names of those, longer-dead, actors scrolled in the credits too. At the end, they paid tribute to In Memory of Jack Nance.

Nance, highly Lynchean actor, born 21 December 1943, died 30 December 1996, after an incident in a doughnut shop. 

I went to bed, thinking about Twin Peaks. Next morning, in the news it mentioned that Peggy Lipton had died. Aha, I thought, when I watch tonight’s episode of Twin Peaks from 2017, it will be her name listed last, in a mark of respect for her death and life.

This seems to me pretty much the point of Twin Peaks: the way that time will move around, and people you love will appear, in surprising contexts, or they’ll maybe be gone, or they’ll always be back again.

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